Create website URL address of whatsapp account

Hi, friends I will show you the method to create URL of your whatsapp number like a website URL. So get ready and read the full article.

Create URL address  of whatsapp accountnumber 
whatsapp business has unique has a feature which helps you to create a whatsapp account url ,by click on that user will directly comes to your whatsapp. If you want to do this amazing trick then follow this steps

 Visit play store on your Android device

Download whatsapp business app

Open whatsapp business and click on three dot at right corner for menu

Click on setting




Related post widget HTML code for blogger

dear visitor here's you will find the html code which you can use as widget under the post with website layout and this will show up the related article's under the post.

Html code (widget) for Blogger/Blogspot to show related posts under article/postFriends follow this steps to add related posts under article
Login to bloggerGo to LayoutSelect add a widget menuSelect HTML/JAVA SCRIPTOn the title write related postsIn the code past the code shown below

<div class="_140414_related_posts_hook"></div> <style type="text/css"> ._140414_related_posts {     clear: both; } ._140414_related_posts .clear {     display: block;     clear: both;     float: none; } ._140414_related_posts .item {     float: left; } ._140414_related_posts .item-0 {     margin-left: 0!important; } ._140414_related_posts.theme-3 .item {     width: 32%;     margin: 0 0 0 2%; } ._140414_related_posts.theme-4 .item {     width: 23.5%;     margin: 0 0 0 2%; } ._140414_related_post…

Top 10 offline games for Android

Are you worried about watching videos in your mobile.And you want to see and do some exciting. You do not have more  internet data ,no problem. I will tell you about 10 offline Android games.  You can also run without internet.

Top 10 great Android games to play offline 
These are the top 10 android offline games.

1.N.O.V.A legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy brings the best sci-fi FPS experience on your smartphone. It has 3 modes to play Story modeSpecial modsShadow mods

To download click here
2. Into the dead 2
This is a hit zombie action game( Into the Dead )(70m downloads on play store) To download click here
3.MAD Zombies

Download this offline shooting game for free.  Millions gamers  are playing this offline game. It has 10M downloads on. Play store.
To download click here
4. Forward Assault

First-person shooter with tactical gameplay, become the leader of a swat team and fight with enemies.

To download click here
5. The dead Target

70M shooters are shooting to kill zombies and save the world, let’s jo…


jai Mata ji friends,boys are boys they need extra ordinary ringtones as their style of living. The time has gone when ringtones were used like Nokia and airtle tunes . So friend I will show 10 ringtones for boys, which are crazy and best every time and place.

Top 10 ringtones for boys 2019 + download links          Here's top 10 ringtones with small description and download links.

1. Blurry Nights   This song is sung by Hayden and released in 2013

don't know how to do this
                     will leave with me right now 
                     nothing good can ever come from this in the long                         run 
                     but let's not dismiss all the fun we can have                                   tonight…

                                                   To download here

2. Riddle v2  This is also the avesome tune for youth generation

                                                    To download here

3. Yeah
              It's the best …

SEO tips for better rankings on Google

Everyone shows different-different algorithm to rank on google but many of writes as a complete SEO doctor and say that how we can rank on google.I am not also a king of Google but friends there are many questions regarding ranking on Google .There are 5 unique ways which will really help you to improve your rank on Google and please follow this for steps to a better writter.

5 working simple seo tips for better rankings Here's the top 5 simple free seo tips for better rankings on google.

Be a unique niche writer with more descriptionI am suggesting you a one thing please write on niches or on the topic where you are expert. Don't be a copy paster. And if you have decided to rewrite a article, then write description like a researcher and give contributes to the sites where you read. And write how much as possible and add meta tags.
 You can use these 3 things to get the trending niches and topics.     * Google trends     * Bing trend     * Uc news

2. Fast page loading and ui interf…

सीधे मोदी को पहुंचाए अपना बधाई संदेश

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Free Video Editing Softwares for windows, Linux and Mac

Friends In today's era nothing is free. We have to spend money for everything.So in today's age can you think,About video editing software that works like a big expensive software for free. Off course your answer will no. Friends, do not panic. I will tell you about some 5 software that is absolutely free and available for Mac,Linux and windows OS

5 Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows & MacOS Laptop & Computer
Friends  those are 5 softwares that will give you a new experience. All the facilities available on these are free.This software is capable of working on a variety of operating systems.You don't need to have a expensive laptop to run these softwares.

These five video editing software give you professional experience

1 OpenShot Video editor

 Openshot is available from 2008. It is a openshot simple software, and available for windows,Mac and Linux.
  Features of OpenShot video editor

 Trim and slice Free unlimited tracks for videoAmazing video effects eg …

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