blogger/blogspot this is the first platform where we can start the journey of blogging because wordpress has many more features than blogger to maintain and help to make new posts.Write a post in a browser it is very difficult on blogger in smartphone.

             There is a one thing which always available on our pocket that's smartphone. friends we can manage the blogs with android/ios smartphones.I am going to tell u about apps which will really help you to write posts with all the functions like H1 tags titles and capital words brackets and all of things.It will be very handy with your fingertips on smartphone and you can also type with your voice assistant keyboard.

                           *Apps are listed below*

Writer App 
                       That's the cool app I don't see any app like that it is cool because it provides all facilities which are needed when we write a post for website example,
          Title   >  Subtitle > subtitle > heading1 > heading 2 > heading 3 etc.

             I am also using this app this is very helpful and it has all features like H1 tag,categories,capital tag, redo and undo.

            It is same as i a writer and you must be login to use this app. It has also the primary functions which also I need when write a post.

            This app provides to write article style as newspaper essay.

Microsoft Word
               Anyone have used Microsoft office on PC and anyone knows what things are provided by Microsoft Word so friends enjoy the all functionality on your Android/iOS with the Microsoft Word App.

                        Apps are user friendly and Accessible with smartphone but I suggest you to use wordpad and textpad with windows pc or mac

Process to permanent delete blogspot website

  1. Login to blogger
  2. Select the blog from the list.
  3. Navigate to settings
  4. Click on other tab
  5. Go to delete blog and click on delete blog
  6. After click a  Logo will appear then Click on Delete this blog

  7. Again move to the main menu (shown on the 1.step) and at the down a menu deleted blogs   will available ,select the blog which you want to delete.
  8. Then click on permanently delete  as shown on the below image
10. Now click on Permanent delete in the pop-up menu.



         That's steps will Permanent delete blog (website + domain ) ,I hope you enjoyed reading.
4 killer tips for designing accessible blog

Everyone shows different-different algorithm to rank on google but many of writes as a complete SEO doctor and say that how we can rank on google but friends I am not also a king of Google but friends there are many questions regarding ranking on Google friends .
                          Friends there are 4 unique ways which will really really really help you to improve your rank on Google and friends please follow this for steps to a better writter.

Be a unique niche writer with more description

friends I am suggesting you a one thing please write on niches or on the topic where you are expert. Don't be a copy paster. And if you have decided to rewrite a article, then write description like a researcher and give contributes to the sites where you read. And write how much as possible and add meta tags.
  You can use these 3 things to get the trending niches and topics.
    * Bing trend
    * Uc news

Fast page loading an ui interface

This is 21  decade so don't make your post like the rising of 90's. because now the days all the websites are looking like a Android or ios app. Show the UI interface of website just like a pro and the pages or posts are better fast working  mode.
  Make sure that three things are well defined on your article.
         * Smart and easy readable fonts 
         * Titles are bold 
         * Images are eye-catching and small size.
         * Use ALT tags for image

Test your website with free or pro tools

Because you are a writer and writer is your way to earn money but you must test your website is really a workable,loadable and is working well on different  platforms eg smartphone,desktop. 
   I am suggesting some website testing tools

          Google website test tool
          Webpage test tool
          Bing SEO analyser (need signup)
          Yandex webmaster tools (need signup)

Show your social and natural presence

  We all know that everyone is available on social platform but that is not enough you must be available on a geological platform so friends please register you yourself on this social and geological platforms.
       SNS platform
                Linkedin business page
                Facebook (you must have on page)
                YouTube (show you are live by post video)
        Geological platforms
                Google my business
                Bing place's
                Yellow page 
                Popular business  directory's         

                      Be aware about trending topics and write articles mostly on super trending topics eg.gadgets,news, health

Horizontal Lines In Blogger's post article

How To Make Horizontal Lines In Blogger's post article

 Hello friends
                           Many of time we want to put a separation line or line border between the article . friends there is a small HTML code which will you need to insert in bloggers posts article HTML,from where you want to separate. you must paste the code. the code is written below.

<hr width=”40%”>

Are you tired of small work, here's the home remedy to increase the immunity to 100%

             Can't run 1500 meters and even do 10 pushups, that's because your immuntiy is weak. I will tell such a 100% effective domestic remedies. After taking it, you will remember me for life. I am not a doctor or any medical professional, friends but these home remedies have received me from my native place.
Improve immunity with home remedy
Indian goat

The home remedy is goats raw milk and this is proven that many of times when any one suffers from Malaria dengue and the immunity came down  then doctor suggest to drink goat's milk.
Beacause the goats raw milk has more benefits than cows. Read below

  •                Low lactose sugar then cows
  •                13% more calcium 
  •                25% more vitamin B6
  •                47% more vitamin A
  •                134% more potassium

So, friends if you want to improve immunity please try that home remedy. If have any  Q/A follow me on social networking sites. 

Top 20 domain provider's in india

these are the top 20 domain providers  in india.

                            101domain is an worldwide leader in domain management with over fifteen years of experience providing international domain name solutions for tens of thousands of clients. Our suite of services is designed to assist website owners of all sizes with domain management, trademark protection, DNS management, and more domain services.

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Crazy domains
                                   Crazy Domains is IN domain names provider offering the best prices on domain registration with instant approvals

Safe names
                         Safenames has been a leading provider of global domain name registration and management services for businesses for more than 12years.
                               Launch your site with domains, website design, hosting, and online marketing with Network Solutions

                         domain name registration, web site design services and business web hosting provider. 

Safe brands

                         SafeBrands offers a personalized and high-quality service to thousands of clients in its five areas of expertise: comprehensive domain name portfolio management and advisory, internet monitoring, cybersecurity, added value hosting and SSL Certificates

Csc global
                          CSC® is the world's leading provider of business, legal, tax, and digital brand services to companies around the globe.

                            Key-Systems: The Domain Experts. Key- Systems offers a wide range of products and services around the domain business.

                           all the products and services you need to make your mark online. Create and share your new website with the world.
                               The Com Laude Group is dedicated to helping build and defend stands online with domain name management and hosting.

                             They have everything you need to build a safe and secure website. Enhance your brand online today with Internic .ca.

                     EuroDNS is a domain name registrar and DNS service provider. Free DNS, SSL certificate, and mailbox are included with all domain.
                   Get all the products and services you need to make your mark online. Create and share your new website


                        Register a domain and get your free Website Builder. Dynadot makes it easy for you to build a beautiful website

                    International Domain Registration and International Trademark Registration services in more than 190 countries.

                        GoDaddy makes registering Domain Names fast, simple, and affordable.

                    GANDI is a domain name registrar and cloud hosting company. Free website, SSL certificate, blog, and e-mail included with a domain

Google domains
     Search for and register a domain, get hosting, and build a site with Google Domains. The best of the internet backed by the security of google.


                  Domain Registration & Web hosting company offers a plethora of specialized web services including domain registration.

Note: This list is based on internet research we did not take any gaurantee for that companies services .

I Will Tell You The Best Portrait Video Editor In The Next 60 Seconds

Vertical videos editor

Hi friends
                     you have all searches about portrait video editor. We all know that most of editors only support landscape video editing .


   1:1 Square
   4:5 vertical (faceFace and instagram)
   2:3 vertical videos (facebook only)
   9:16 full potrait vertical video

    friends I am going to tell about a video editor which is best and why that you can use any social video platforms video because that all videos are available only on portrait mode and that app will really help you to edit video in portrait mode

 Friends I am suggesting you to use QUICK app
Which is available for iOS/android
To downloas QUICK app
For android