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gmail 2 step verification

What's Gmail 2 step verification ?

Do you know what is Gmail"s 2nd step a short discription.

1. 2nd step verification is used to verify you at any devices when you logged in. And after logged in you can add device as trust device to login.

2. If you have registered your account with mobile number then a msg will sent to your device with a otp(one time password) .when you enter this otp to login then gmail allows you to log in after you log in you can add this device as trusted device

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how to reset gmail password, no recovery mail or contact number attached with gmail account and no any secret question attached with account and don't know the start date and month of use of gmail,hangout,callender and android

Reset gmail password, no recovery mail and mobile number registered and don't have the secret questions. And don't know the recovery questions detail not exactly but when started with month and year of
1. When 1st use the Gmail
                   2. When 1st use Google calendar
                   3. When 1st use the hangout
                   4. When 1st use the android

If you don't know the above questions answer . then there is no any trick to solve it .
           You can solve this issue with this step

 1. Open your gmail and try to log in

           2. Try to login in the recent used devices

           3. try to login on the desktop open Gmail and try to login

           4. Open the notepad and write the all passwords you know.

           5. And copy the password and paste on the login password.

           6. Try the all password if you get succeed.

           7. Then congrats, if not get succeed than sorry.

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