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How to find Microsoft windows xp product key in CD

Many  of times we misplaced the product key of windows xp professional . Then don't be silly. There are simple steps  are written down, follow the steps to find the product key.
           1 STEP                       insert the windows xp professional  drive and then explore the cd drive.                                                                                           STEP 2                                                        Go to the I386 folder and open it  3 STEP                   find the UNATTEND file in i386 folder and open it , this file will be open  in notepad. 4 STEP                           The unattend file will look like this picture. just scroll down in the page .      5 STEP                                     Product key will in the last of the page of of unattend text file                 NO TIME TO READ THIS ARTICLE THEN HAVE A IDEA JUST VISIT MY VIDEO TO FIND THE PRODUCT KEY