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fast quick & easy way of passport photo creation in Adobe Photoshop 7.0


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Automatic Apps updating in windows 10™ || Stop that

Disable Automatic updating of Apps in windows App storeHere's a YouTube  Video about disable auto update in windows 10 app store

vlog|| solution|convert colour image to black & white fast free easy(Tut...

convert colour image to black &without photoshopfriends ,               In this blog i am going to ask you about a software which comes with Microsoft office.MOTO- convert colour images to black and white without photoshop and online

solution  -   
                  1. just open the picture in microsoft picture manager .

                  2. go to edit pictures

                  3. and click on the colours

                  4. then make changes on the courser at hue ,amount and saturation.

                  5. so the colour of picture will changed to black and white

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find exact PDA CSC CP AP BL PHONE firmware file for Samsung smartphones ...

find exact pda csc cp ap bL phone firmware files
    What are PDA,CSC,CP,AP & BL files ?
                                                                  Friend these are the files which are the structure of the android os . If your phone got stuck and problems are occurred like hanging ,auto boot then first a thing came on mind I have to flash my smartphone.
So the answer is that these are the files which are needed to flash your samsung smartphones

How to find that files for Samsung smartphone?
Friends if your phone got stuck and frezze permanently then you want to know which file you may need to flash your Samsung mobile
Then you have to do that two steps on your Samsung smartphone.

Open your Samsung mobile dialer appDial *#01#Then a window will display and there will be displayed some files eg CSC PDA cp ap bl 
Friends that's all done only one number will show you the exact PDA CSC XP AP BL files

Friend if you want to watch the video tutorial to find exact pda CSC ap bl firmware f…

Home Screen || Rotate from potrait to landscape mode on Android Smartphone

Home Screen || Rotate from potrait to landscape mode in Android Smartphones.
hello friend if you want to make your android screen in landscape mode than there is a trick which help you directly and you will no need of root and coding.
so friends follow this steps.

go to Play store on your android smartphone.
      download google now launcher .
     and in setting went to launcher and select google launcher as the default launcher.      now open the google launcher app and do that setting 

android secret codes

Most Useful Vip Secret Code For All Android Mobile Android secret codes are the keys which are used to used as a smart user.with the Android secret codes you can find all the details of Android smartphone you can also check the hardware test and functioning. You know the world popular command *#06#, which is used to find any devices IMEI number.

Benefits of Android secret codes                                    There are many benefits which are written below.

Phone, Battery and WiFi information
Network commands using *#*#4636#*#*
usually if you are in a 3g network or using a 3g smartphone, and if you want to use 4g  network then you can change network band to 4g/LTE.

        Battery health status by using *#*#4636#*#*of course if you want to know that your battery is healthy or not and what is the power measurement of your battery you can check the status by this code

WiFi information by *#*#4636#*#*
Wi-Fi information are divided into three parts which will be shown by *#*#4636#*##

Wi-Fi …

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How to share and access internet connection via Androids bluetooth no root (android to android internet share)


WiFi Mac and Bluetooth address of Android

Find WiFi mac and Bluetooth address in androidFriends in this technical world all  persons have bit knowledge about IP,mac and Bluetooth address of android devices.But when in mind a question came, how to find it out on android devices. If yes then you are at right place this post will help you 100% to find out WiFi mac address and Bluetooth address on android devices.

 BLUETOOTH ADDRESS:BLUETOOTH address can be find easily with this steps
 On your Android phone or tablet start the Bluetooth. Navigate to About Phonego to statusThere you will be Bluetooth address will be shown like that  WiFi MAC address    e4:46:da:a6:93:a1

WiFi MAC ADDRESS:WiFi MAC address can be find easily with this steps

 On your Android phone or tablet click on menuNavigate to about phoneGo to statusThere you will be WiFi MAC ADDRESSwill be shown like that  WiFi MAC ADDRESS   E4:46:DA:A6:93:A0
if you want to watch the video tutorial to find out the working steps to find WiFi mac and Bluetooth address in android, watch…