How to lock phone without pressing power button || lock/unlock android s...

How to lock or ulock android smartphone without pressing power button || lock/unlock android smartphone

On your android smartphone 
  •   go to SETTINGS
  •   and then additional settings 
  •   then click on Button and gesture shortcuts
  •   now click on turn off screen 
  •   there will three options   
              1. long press the home screen
                  2. press the menu button                                                                                                                                             3. long  press the back button

     So friend which one you like select the option           and enjoy the screen lock by other key. 

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      How to send files from xender to pc Fastest way to Transfer Data from PC...

      How to Transfer Files From Android smartphone to Your PC with xender app

                      send files completely wirelessly is a good deal. Everyone hates to enter pen drive/usb to mobile and share files to pc . So guys don't get any tention . There is a fast method which make you fast as 5g.

                1. Android smartphone with latest sender sender app.

                2.Laptop have Working wifi

                                  Guys follow this steps

      1. Open Xender app on your  smartphone.

      2. Go to option connect to pc/computer. Select it

      3. Then went to create a hotspot and make allow the app to create hotspot. And the hotspot will look like xender AP

      4. And connect the laptop/pc to the xender ap named hotspot . Guys I suggest you to turn off the mobile data on your smartphone.

      5 . When your pc get connected , then visit your xender app on pc and there will be a ip shown on app .

      6. The ip eg will be like that , open this ip in any browser I suggest chrome.
      Then a request will display on your xender app . Confirm it and now you can send and receive files between laptop and smartphone.

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      How to find custom roms for android smartphone in 2 minutes using these apps

      Custom Roms

                                 custom Roms are also called AOSP roms which means android open source platform. roms are  provided by your smartphones official website. if you want to change your os you can find many custom roms on google . but the main problem is that its not secure and it can distroy warranty of your smartphone .guys thats all at your own risk..
                                                                                                                         In this article i am giving details about 2 apps which i think more secure and support finder for your smartphone so they are given down .


                                             ROM MANAGER  is a android app ,which will identify suitable rom for your device.thedownload link is here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koushikdutta.rommanager


                                            This works same as the rom manager . you can search on the google and download this app.

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      Whatsapp super secret tricks 2018 send message without open whatsapp

      Whatsapp super secret tricks 2018 send message without open whatsapp↓↓↓

      Hello friends this feature works on official whatsapp, by this new feature you can send messages to friends without show them online ,that's mean msg like offline 

       So guys you can do this trick in this steps.

                              1. Open Google search app in android device .

                              2. Type whatsapp and enter .

                              3. Direct  two option will show.
                                                           A. Number  select the contact by searching of keywords 
                                                           B.     Message what's you want to say

                              4. Click on the send option

                               5. Friends the message will go to friend 

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      WhatsApp secret settings which make you feel better .

      How to turn android phone display black and white||मुसीबत में काम आयगी आ...

      how to turn your smartphones display to black & white


                          Mostly we do not need to make android smartphones display black & white
      but when you will be in a critical condition ,that will really help you friends.

      so in the post follow this steps to convert your display from colour to black & white

      •         Go to setting menu

      •         Then navigate to additional settings

      •         Click on Accessibility 

                BELOW YOUTUBE VIDEO.

        Save Instagram video to gallery without using any app | Hindi | Urdu | T...

        Save Instagram video to gallery without using any app

        Hello friends
                                   In this blog we are going to discuss on the topic how can we download instagram video on android and laptop . Most of us use Vidmate and tubemate to download videos . But in this post a website is shared , which will allow you to download videos in 360p,420p,720p &1080p and mp3 format .
        The websites link is 

        If you want how to download by step to step that watch that video ⬇️⬇️⬇️

        How to add your channel logo on your youtube video l Add A Logowith Smartphone 2018

                    Not you want to add your channel logo on your video . Eg  if your channel name is technicallyMKt then you want to add this logo/watermark to video. And the condition is that logo will appear from start to end .I am showing the step which will be helpful with the kinemaster android app. So the steps are.

        1. Open kinemaster app on your android                     smartphone.

         2. Create intro and add video as sequence 

        3. Then at pip menu select a logo of channel which you  have in smartphone file manager

        4.Now a logo select and never forget to take the logo In  the app and scratch the logo bar from where to start .

         Now save the project. I hope  you enjoyed that thanks to visit

        How to Transfer Files laptop to laptop Without Internet ,cable ,pen driv...

        How to Transfer Files laptop to laptop Without Internet ,cable ,pen drive , lan and any ssd storage

        Best Android/IOS Video Editor For YouTube Videos (No Watermarks) (FREE)

        Best editing App
                                       Download a app called vlogit, that's have a nice feature ,it's also have into and outro and watermark adding feature . Also have
              #  Speed increase & decrease
              #   Reverse mode
              #  Stickers like subscribe followme and others
              #  Available to add custom song and preavailable
              #  make hd as 720p and 1080p supported

        Make laptop a working Android smartphone without Android emulator bluest...

        Make laptop a working Android smartphone without Android emulator bluestack and installing android os.

                        in this post we will find , how to use android as workable android full smartphone
        in the laptop and the usage will be like that shwn on the youtube video below

        Things we need -
                                                                            1.   Laptop or computer
                                                                            2.   Android studio
                                                                            3.   Java SDK
        How that will work-
                                              friends i will tell fully tricks with simple steps

        •              Click on start a new Android Studio project.

        •              GIve a name to the application.

        •               Click on next

        •               Select minimum Api as android4.0

        •               Click on next

        •               Select the empty activity and click on next.

        •               That will take some minute ,that will at first installation only.

        •                Now click on a button which will look like Play Store logo.

        •               Click on create a new virtual device.

        •               Select any mobile eg. pixel2 pixel xl .

        •               Select the smartphone which have playstore logo.

        •               Click on next

        •               Select screen display as portrait .

        •               Click on next

        •               Then a android screen will show after some second.

        •               This is a android smartphone

        •               1st a app will run automatically

        •               Then click on home and it will automatically show to add a gmail id to use this                     smartphone

        •               After signin to gmail this smartphone is ready to use 

        •                Update the play store 
                       congrats you  have got your smartphone ,enjoy it install and run apps like whatsapp                     hike all by play store. and if you want to watch this trick by a video tutorial then                           watch    the below video.