android apps on pc without emulator

Make laptop a working Android smartphone without Android emulator BLUESTACK and installing android OS

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Android Apps

Hello friends in this article I will show the trick which will help you to run android app in pc/laptop without emulator.with  this trick you will get a working android screen on your pc ,and a gmail id will be need to run the environment .

What is emulator 

           Emulators are the programs, available for mac/linux/windows can run smartphone apps on pc/laptop. android emulators need high processor and graphics,because they create a other virtual os to run apps.the best android emulator example is Bluestack .

Run android apps on PC without android emulator 

              run android apps on pc with android emulator is easy,but run android apps without emulator is a mysterious topic, friends i  will show a easy steps to run android apps without emulator .
  • go to google search 
  • search for android studio
  • install java on your system
  • then follow the steps give as on the YouTube video



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