Make laptop a working Android smartphone without Android emulator bluest...

Make laptop a working Android smartphone without Android emulator bluestack and installing android os.

                in this post we will find , how to use android as workable android full smartphone
in the laptop and the usage will be like that shwn on the youtube video below

Things we need -
                                                                    1.   Laptop or computer
                                                                    2.   Android studio
                                                                    3.   Java SDK
How that will work-
                                      friends i will tell fully tricks with simple steps

  •              Click on start a new Android Studio project.

  •              GIve a name to the application.

  •               Click on next

  •               Select minimum Api as android4.0

  •               Click on next

  •               Select the empty activity and click on next.

  •               That will take some minute ,that will at first installation only.

  •                Now click on a button which will look like Play Store logo.

  •               Click on create a new virtual device.

  •               Select any mobile eg. pixel2 pixel xl .

  •               Select the smartphone which have playstore logo.

  •               Click on next

  •               Select screen display as portrait .

  •               Click on next

  •               Then a android screen will show after some second.

  •               This is a android smartphone

  •               1st a app will run automatically

  •               Then click on home and it will automatically show to add a gmail id to use this                     smartphone

  •               After signin to gmail this smartphone is ready to use 

  •                Update the play store 
               congrats you  have got your smartphone ,enjoy it install and run apps like whatsapp                     hike all by play store. and if you want to watch this trick by a video tutorial then                           watch    the below video.



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