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How to perform PageSpeed insights test for website with google official

What is PageSpeed Insights test                                                             PageSpeed insights speed test is available for the website for desktop & mobile view . It provide the real view front of the world.

Pre-requirments                   Working home page link                  Fully supported Browser eg                                                                         Chrome browser                  Working internet                  Smartphone or desktop              👇 To perform the test visit that link👇            .
Mobile friendly test of website with Google official tool                             image by
Mobile/smartphone friendly test of Blog/website in 2 minute.

Hello friend's

                        Welcome to blog .friends we all know that the most of 90%traffic of internet users are from smartphone because no one wants to carry huge devices like laptop and tablet. And the benefit for blogger and website holders is that their website or blog must be friendly optimized to smartphone view , so by knowing that 90% visitors from smartphone ,then offcourse you make your mind to check your website is mobile friendly or not so guys I am giving a well platform link which is from official Google . Friend the link is at below.

Pre-requirement of mobile friendly test -                                                                          Smartphone or laptop
                                                                          Website link (homepage and workin…
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How to add sitemap of a website to google console

Create and submit sitemap with google console for blogger sites and other domains

How to create site map
The Ultimate Guide To Check Website Ranking
How to check Website ranking at the level of national & worldwide.What is ranking ?                                                                                       When the word rank comes in mind a single question comes in mind ,the topper of the teen age clases. Friends off course this is the ranking as in the class as at the level of world and the level of world.
Which are the best website for ranking test ?
  Friend's there are many website which can provide ranking of any site . But the most trusted is Alexa ranking which is trusted worldwide.friends this site provides all the data of a website including Rank,traffic,status yuva and analytics
How to discover ranking with alexa web
       Friends alexa has powerful sense  you just only need to visit alexa official site 
After click on the url  you just need to enter the website url and got done

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How to check free website speed & responsive test for seo optimization

How to free check the website speed &       responsive test for  seo optimization.

What is Speed and responsive test of website or BlogSpeed & test of website is not a must thing for all, but when you are ready to come at the world of online earning then it's matter because after submit application for adsense approval for website. Google Adsense checks you website speed and many things for your blog and in this run of online earning you must check your website speed & responsive test .Google has also suggested for that on his office adsense website. 
Effect of speed & responsive time on blog/websiteIt always matter because 70% visitor loss on your website's views is because of the site speed and responsive of the website. If your website has a unresponsive theme and take more time to load.
How to check web/blog speed & responsive testTo check website speed & responsive time you just need to visit 👇that website link given below. You just nee…
Deactivate / De registration of bob mconnect plus (Mobile Banking) Deactivate / De-registration of  Baroda M-Connect plus (Mobile Banking) via                                      ATM machine🏧
What is BOB Mconnect plus ?
BOB Mconnect plus is a powerfull mobile banking solution for the customers of BANK OF BARODA . It has unique features with   current balance of current / saving account. Watch  Statement online & also get with email            for a month and as you want to get between             dates and mobths. Add custom beneficiaries like portals Online activities eg recharge premium pay eg gas electricity and others Online apply for cheque book which have fast process Create Rd & Fd account online for better intrest
How to de-activate / de-register BOB Mconnect plus(Mobile Banking with the help of ATM Machine🏧 Things will Need :      A registered mobile number with bob account.     Debit or Credit card     ATM 🏧of the selected bank of account hold
 Method :

    Swipe your ATM…
Activate BOB Mconnect plus(Mobile Banking)

Activate Bob Mconnect plus(Mobile Banking) with ATM🏧
What is BOB Mconnect plus ?BOB Mconnect plus is a powerfull mobile banking solution for the customers of BANK OF BARODA . It has unique features with     current balance    Watch  Statement online & also get with email            for a month and as you want to get between             dates.   Add custom beneficiaries    Online activities eg recharge premium pay and other  Online apply for cheque book  Create Rd & Fd account online
How to activate BOB Mconnect plus(Mobile Banking with the help of ATM Machine🏧 Things will Need :      A registered mobile number with bob account.     Debit or Credit card     ATM 🏧of the selected bank of account
 Method :

    Swipe your ATM CARD🏧
   Select the language🔢🈯🈲
   Enter your debit or credit card password🔢
   Select Mconnect plus (mostly on left side of screen)
  Select activate ( there will three options           1. Activate.        ☑️

Alternates of Adsense for blogger and publishers

Monetize is must because effort is effort,no big no small.Friends there are 5 best AdSense alternatives which are believe able and that are from trusted firms eg yahoo bing 

 Hello friends
                          Welcome to friends Adsense is the most famous platform for publishers arround the world. but adsense verification is now days ,very difficult to approved and our hard worked blog becomes 0 in earning. And if you want to run ads until blog get verified. Friends there are many platforms are available . 1.ChitikaChitika is a ads platform which is same to adsense and it's provider is Yahoo a well known company. Friends I know that you believe on yahoo. So I don't need to introduce chitika.
Friends chitika don't take time to verify and approval for website. Just signup and get the code and past it to your website HTML.
Alexa Rank-

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