Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking

Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking

Deactivate / De-registration of  Baroda M-Connect plus (Mobile Banking) via ATM machine🏧

What is BOB Mconnect plus ?
      BOB Mconnect plus is a powerfull mobile banking solution for the customers of BANK OF BARODA . 
             It has unique features with
  •   current balance of current / saving account.
  •  Watch  Statement online & also get with email for a month and as you want to get between dates and months.
  •  Add custom beneficiaries like portals
  •  Online activities eg recharge premium pay eg gas electricity and others
  •  Online apply for cheque book which have fast process
  •  Create Rd & FD account online for better interest

How to de-activate / de-register BOB M-connect plus(Mobile Banking with the help of ATM Machine🏧

              Things will Need :
  •      A registered mobile number with bob account.
  •      Debit or Credit card
  •      ATM 🏧of the selected bank of account hold
 Method :
  •     Swipe your ATM CARD in Atm machine🏧
  •    Select the language🔢🈯🈲 which you know.
  •    Enter your debit or credit card password🔢
  •    Select Mconnect plus (mostly on left side of screen of the atm screen)
  •   Select de-activate ( there will three options
                                           1. Activate.        ☑️
                                           2.  Deactivate    ❌
                                           3.  Forget Mpin  🙄
  •  Enter two times your Registered mobile                   number.📱

  •  Select your account type (two will show⬇️ 
                                                    1.Saving 🎫
  •   Then a popup🗯️ will show that you have           successfully de-registered for mobile banking📲🌐

If it doesn't helps you there is a toll free number, email number & website of Bank of Baroda.
            📲    1800223344

         So friends that all done and I hope you will enjoy the bob mobile banking ,if you like my article then please never forget to subscribe and share articles.

    If you want to watch tutorial about bob mconnect plus de-activation video tutorial than watch below YouTube video⬇️⬇️


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