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Mobile friendly test of website with Google official tool

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Mobile friendly test of website or blog
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Mobile/smartphone friendly test of Blog/website in 2 minute.

Hello friend's
                        Welcome to blog .friends we all know that the most of 90%traffic of internet users are from smartphone because no one wants to carry huge devices like laptop and tablet. And the benefit for blogger and website holders is that their website or blog must be friendly optimized to smartphone view , so by knowing that 90% visitors from smartphone ,then offcourse you make your mind to check your website is mobile friendly or not so guys I am giving a well platform link which is from official Google . Friend the link is at below.

Pre-requirement of mobile friendly test -

                                                                          Smartphone or laptop
                                                                          Website link (homepage and working)
                                                                          better working  connection eg 4g and 3g

Guys to perform your blog or websites mobile friendly test by click the down link

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