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Passport fees in India

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Indian Passport Application Fee In India:Do you know about it,absolutely no, then read it

How much does it cost to get a passport for the first time in India?

           Friends if you have mind to go abroad and are you ready to go abroad,but in a critical situation how much will cost if you will apply for fresh  passport .
 So friends never make any pressure at your mind there are some steps,which make you happy to find the fees of indian passport application fee.

Indian Passport fees calculator
  •     Just visit indian passport official site
  •    At left side click on Fees Calculator
  •    Select applicant type eg passport
  •    If your are going to apply for fresh passport then         select and if for Renew then select reissue
  •    Then select the age
  •    Select the number of pages in booklet eg 30pages        or 60pages
  • Select the required scheme eg .If have emergency       for passport then select emergency and if not           then select Normal
  • Then click on next it will show the fees 

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