Reach more users: 4 killer tips for designing accessible blog

4 killer tips for designing accessible blog

Everyone shows different-different algorithm to rank on google but many of writes as a complete SEO doctor and say that how we can rank on google but friends I am not also a king of Google but friends there are many questions regarding ranking on Google friends .
                          Friends there are 4 unique ways which will really really really help you to improve your rank on Google and friends please follow this for steps to a better writter.

Be a unique niche writer with more description

friends I am suggesting you a one thing please write on niches or on the topic where you are expert. Don't be a copy paster. And if you have decided to rewrite a article, then write description like a researcher and give contributes to the sites where you read. And write how much as possible and add meta tags.
  You can use these 3 things to get the trending niches and topics.
    * Bing trend
    * Uc news

Fast page loading an ui interface

This is 21  decade so don't make your post like the rising of 90's. because now the days all the websites are looking like a Android or ios app. Show the UI interface of website just like a pro and the pages or posts are better fast working  mode.
  Make sure that three things are well defined on your article.
         * Smart and easy readable fonts 
         * Titles are bold 
         * Images are eye-catching and small size.
         * Use ALT tags for image

Test your website with free or pro tools

Because you are a writer and writer is your way to earn money but you must test your website is really a workable,loadable and is working well on different  platforms eg smartphone,desktop. 
   I am suggesting some website testing tools

          Google website test tool
          Webpage test tool
          Bing SEO analyser (need signup)
          Yandex webmaster tools (need signup)

Show your social and natural presence

  We all know that everyone is available on social platform but that is not enough you must be available on a geological platform so friends please register you yourself on this social and geological platforms.
       SNS platform
                Linkedin business page
                Facebook (you must have on page)
                YouTube (show you are live by post video)
        Geological platforms
                Google my business
                Bing place's
                Yellow page 
                Popular business  directory's         

                      Be aware about trending topics and write articles mostly on super trending topics eg.gadgets,news, health


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