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Submitting Your Sitemap Directly to Google Blogger Help Center

Submit sitemap to google without visit webmaster tools

What is sitemap ?

   Sitemap is a directory of your website , it shows all urls of your website to Google. It helps Google spider bot to find all the urls which you want to crawl and index.

How to Submit sitemap without visit Google webmaster tools/ console?

we all konw that submit website to Google search  Console by submit sitemap is the option on Google search console but if you want to direct ping your website to google you just follow the steps.

  1.    Open any browser eg chrome

  1.     Just insert this URL

 in address bar (change to you site address ) and press enter. a confirm message will show by Google about sitemps submission done like below image
Sitemap submission confirmation msg

If you still have problems on submitting sitemap just visit Google's official sitemap help forum

Want to get more courage for your website ?

   You just need to Submit your website's sitemap to another  two webmaster tools


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