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How to permanently delete blogspot's website and domain

Process to permanent delete blogspot website                 You can delete blog at any time with delete & permanently delete menu.there is a simple process which will help you to delete blog.

Login to bloggerSelect the blog from the list. Navigate to settings
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4. Click on other tab
    5. Go to delete blog and click on delete blog
         6.Aft click a  Logo will appear then Click on                Delete this blog      7. Again move to the main menu (shown on the 1.step) and at the down a menu deleted blogs   will available ,select the blog which you want to delete.

"Insert break line in blogger's post"

     8.Th click on permanently delete  as shown on the below image

09. Now click on Permanent delete in the pop-up menu.

 CONCLUSION         That's steps will Permanent delete blog (website + domain ) ,I hope you enjoyed reading.

# Best iOS/Android apps for Writing article's, essays, blog posts.

blogger/blogspot this is the first platform where we can start the journey of blogging because wordpress has many more features than blogger to maintain and help to make new posts.Write a post in a browser it is very difficult on blogger in smartphone.

             There is a one thing which always available on our pocket that's smartphone. friends we can manage the blogs with android/ios smartphones.I am going to tell u about apps which will really help you to write posts with all the functions like H1 tags titles and capital words brackets and all of things.It will be very handy with your fingertips on smartphone and you can also type with your voice assistant keyboard.
                           *Apps are listed below*
Writer App
That's the cool app I don't see any app like that it is cool because it provides all facilities which are needed when we write a post for website example,
          Title   >  Subtitle > subtitle > heading1 > heading 2 > heading 3 etc…