Wednesday, 27 March 2019

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We all know that at Instagram the world's top trending videos are available on this platform everyone uses Instagram now the days videos watching on Instagram and Facebook is not popular because you can watch a complete playlist and categories and direct sharing options.

What is IG videos

IG videos means Instagram videos and Instagram videos are always in 9:16 format. Videos are specially designed for smartphone devices.



                                                            Video tutorial to download IG videos

Can we download IG videos

    Yeah of course you can download Ig videos for personal use only .

Is IG videos downloading needs heavy mechanism and mind

No friends you don't need any mechanism to download IG videos. Many of softwares available for PCs and laptops to download Ig videos and also for android.

The fast easy and no software needed trick is here

Friends you don't need to download any software for your PC and mobile. It's little crazy trick.

  • Just go to Google and type save from net.
  • Put the  URL of the video on the URL entry box
  • Then then click to download as you want to download in any availability of format types.
friends if you need to do that by watching a video tutorial so it is in  the middle of the post.

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