Wednesday, 27 March 2019

How to Find Hidden all videos files on android

find all videos  in android trick

Hidden files in android 

                                             yes of course android's file manager gallery doesn't show up the sent files of whatsapp,hike,Instagram and other apps. so you need to visit the file manager and visit all folder and delete the file .

Process to find hidden video files

                                                  i am going to tell you about a amazing app named qq player and its really a good app many time i watched that other player are unable to play videos which have dual find the videos you just need to install QQplayer and it will search all the files

hidden video finder installation links

                                                  this app named qq player download this app from that link download

video tutorial of QQ player

 here is a video tutorial which will shows how QQplayer will find up the all hidden video files in android.

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