Free Video Editing Softwares for windows, Linux and Mac

Friends In today's era nothing is free. We have to spend money for everything.So in today's age can you think,About video editing software that works like a big expensive software for free. Off course your answer will no. Friends, do not panic. I will tell you about some 5 software that is absolutely free and available for Mac,Linux and windows OS

5 Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows & MacOS Laptop & Computer
Friends  those are 5 softwares that will give you a new experience.
All the facilities available on these are free.This software is capable of working on a variety of operating systems.You don't need to have a expensive laptop to run these softwares.

These five video editing software give you professional experience

1 OpenShot Video editor


 Openshot is available from 2008. It is a openshot simple software, and available for windows,Mac and Linux.
  Features of OpenShot video editor

  •  Trim and slice 
  • Free unlimited tracks for video
  • Amazing video effects eg invert and others
  • Title and 3D animations
  • Added new animations
  • Availability in 70 languages
you can download it for Linux,Mac and Windows.
  To download click here 

2 HitfilmExpress video Editor

     Of course this is a very useful software for beginners and youtubers. It has 4 million users around the world.

Features of HitfilmExpress Video editor

  • Unlimited tracks
  • Better transitions
  • 400+ effects and presets
  • 2D and 3D effects
    It is available for Mac and Windows
  To download Click here

3. Windows essential formerly Windows Movie maker

                    Windows movie maker was available from Windows XP. it is still the best video editor for Windows operating can create videos with photos and also edit the videos easily.

Features of windows movie maker

  • Text effects at startup
  • Use photos between videos
  • Animations
  • Add custom sounds
  • Add recordings
  • Automatic preview in the side bar
  • Multiple save formats

     It is available for windows only

  To download click  here


4. Shotcut video editor


                        Shotcut video editor free and open source video editor, supports all major operating systems eg Linux, Windows and Mac

  Features of shotcut video editor

  • 4k resolution support
  • Wide video formats
  • Audio track mixing
  • Support webcam and hdmi input

It's available for all Os 

 To download Click here

5 iMovie 

                 Imovie is available only for Apple devices example iPhone and Mac. It supports 4K resolution .

       Features of iMovie editor
  • High quality titles
  • Full hd 4k support
  • Awesome filters
  • Preloaded soundtrack and effect's
Its only available for iOS and Mac
To download Click here

                           All the software's are free and fast I suggest you to backup your videos before editing with this software's.


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