Connect Two Computers or Laptops Wirelessly

pc transfer-share files between two laptops using wifi in windows

To transfer files and data between multiple device example laptop mobile smartphone and others devices,Time passes newly inventions make transfer files easily between devices. example of that things are micro SD devices USB storage floppy disks and many more.
     In the 2k century Wi-Fi devices are used mostly to get high speed internet with a single hotspot .
In the Android generations many devices comes with preloaded apps came to share files wirelessly.
You can remember the first app software data cable. So the main point is that Wi-Fi, yes the Wi-Fi is smartest thing to download and upload files between multiple devices.

What is Wi-Fi

Because Wi-Fi is there transparent technology which can easily transfer files between devices without showing the files it is like a magic.

Benefits of WiFi

Major benefit of Wi-Fi is that we don't need any cables and special softwares to run this and this is available for multiple devices.

Availability of Wi-Fi

  • Android
  • Windows devices
  • Linux
  • iOS

Transfer files between laptop without cable

Of course this questions always comes in your mind that is there any procedure available to transfer files between two laptops without a LAN cable and without USB devices.
   Yes the question is that and the answer is below the post I have created a YouTube video which is a live tutorial which can exposure the technique which can help you to transfer any type of files between two laptop you only need that both of device are Wi-Fi enabled it's truly fast then hard disk and the USB devices you will be loved that you can watch this video below the post.


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