jai Mata ji friends,boys are boys they need extra ordinary ringtones as their style of living. The time has gone when ringtones were used like Nokia and airtle tunes . So friend I will show 10 ringtones for boys, which are crazy and best every time and place.

Top 10 ringtones for boys 2019 + download links

         Here's top 10 ringtones with small description and download links.

1. Blurry Nights

  This song is sung by Hayden and released in 2013

                     don't know how to do this 
                     will leave with me right now 
                     nothing good can ever come from this in the long                         run 
                     but let's not dismiss all the fun we can have                                   tonight                           
                                                   To download here

2. Riddle v2

 This is also the avesome tune for youth generation
                                                    To download here

3. Yeah

              It's the best ringtone which I use always.
                                                     To download here

4. Mumbai dance

            Yup the best tune for metropolitan youth generation.

                                                      To download here

5. GTA sandreas remix

            It's best for boom boom sound lovers.
                                                       To download here

6. Randy Orton theme

           This is from wrestling anthems.

                                                        To download here

7. Make the ground shake

            It's awesome you should try

                            You and I You and I, making the 
                                  ground shake baby, ground shake 

                                                                           To download here

8 Loco Loko

        A smart music from loco planet.

                                                     Download click here

9.Girls like you

It's from American band maroon 5
Lyrics:. Yeah yeah yeah 
Yeah yeah yeah 
I need a girl like you, yeah yeahTo download here

10 DJ snake middle

Awesome song by Popular DJ snake
To download here


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