How to download save video from Instagram on PC Tablet ANDROID/IOS SMARTPHONE

how-to-download-instagram-videos               In  Instagram the world's top trending videos are available on this platform. everyone uses Instagram now the days,videos watching on Instagram and Facebook is popular because you can watch a complete playlist and categories with direct sharing options.
What is IG videos IG videos or Instagram videos are always in 9:16 format. Videos are specially designed for smartphone devices. That are also called portrait videos. Now the days the popular apps videos like tiktok vego are portrait videos.


                Video tutorial to download IG videos

Can we download IG videos

    Yeah of course you can download Ig videos for personal use only . Many of apps helps to download IG videos.
"the best way to run android apps on PC without emulator"  But I suggest you, you should not install any apps, because if I tell you that you can download videos by just paste link then why the app.
Is IG videos downloading needs heavy mechanism and min…

Connect Two Computers or Laptops Wirelessly

pc transfer-share files between two laptops using wifi in windows
To transfer files and data between multiple device example laptop mobile smartphone and others devices,Time passes newly inventions make transfer files easily between devices. example of that things are micro SD devices USB storage floppy disks and many more.      In the 2k century Wi-Fi devices are used mostly to get high speed internet with a single hotspot . In the Android generations many devices comes with preloaded apps came to share files wirelessly. You can remember the first app software data cable. So the main point is that Wi-Fi, yes the Wi-Fi is smartest thing to download and upload files between multiple devices.
What is Wi-Fi Because Wi-Fi is there transparent technology which can easily transfer files between devices without showing the files it is like a magic.
Benefits of WiFi Major benefit of Wi-Fi is that we don't need any cables and special softwares to run this and this is available f…

How to apply aloe vera on face

How to apply aloe vera on face for fast results

Interesting facts about Aloe Vera

    In Indian Ayurvedic treatment aloe vera is described as a main medicine which is effective on digestive,skin weight loss,immunity,mental releif, reduce cholesterol and many more.In India it's using for skin care mostly. Aloe Vera can be grown anywhere. It is found mostly in dry areas.
Aloe vera for face
             Aloe vera is a effective treatment for face because it has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Top branded cosmetic companies are providing their products with aloe vera version.

  Apply Aloe Vera on face
   It is really very easy to apply aloe vera juice on face I am giving some steps, with this you can easily apply on face with more effective results.
Get fresh aloe vera on morning.At morning after woke up first wash your mouth without soap.Dry your face with towel.Take a leaf of aloe vera remove it's hard upper skin gently carefully because it has thorns.First apply a b…

How to Add➕ Your Own Logo©or Watermark™️to a Video▶️in android smartphon...


                           yeah of course every videos has a watermark logo it shows the brand and the ownership of YouTube video. Benefits to add a logo on YouTube video There is huge benefits to add logo on YouTube video, because it reflects the ownership of your channel and your introduction as a smart logo on the video. First now the days man watch more and read low.
Is logo are free and get from anywhere ? No no no is not always free but remember that your own creativity is always free for you and all places you can create easily a logo which can introduce yourself in videos, logos are not only used on videos that are also used on website.
Things need to design logos Things that are used to design a logo??  first question , in your mind will come that which thing always have in our pocket yeah of course this is our smartphone so friends you can create logos with your smartphone easily and fast.
Process to design logos Many of website…

Free video maker without watermark you likely havenot used

#1 best free video editor to create and edit video on smartphone upto 1080p
               we all know that to edit vidoeos on kinemaster and other applications needed money to  use. but i am going to show the best video editor app for ios/android.

Intro & Outro Maker | Create Stunning Video Intros & Outros on Android

free into and outro maker for Android
INTRO        intro means introduction, in video intro are the first starup of the video which describe about the video and other .

OUTRO                   OUTRO used to be show the video maker and the back video helpers.

Android Hidden videos management

How to Find Hidden all videos files on androidIn this post we will read how we can edit all videos in android mobile by looking at one place
Hidden files in android                                              yes of course android's file manager gallery doesn't show up the sent files of whatsapp,hike,Instagram and other apps. so you need to visit the file manager and visit all folder and delete the file .

Process to find hidden video files
i am going to tell you about a amazing app named qq player and its really a good app many time i watched that other player are unable to play videos which have dual find the videos you just need to install QQplayer and it will search all the files

hidden video finder installation links                                                  this app named qq player download this app from that link download
video tutorial of QQ playerhere is a video tutorial which will shows how QQplayer will find up the all hidden video files in android.