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Solved:website coming soon error in blogger-GoDaddy Bigrock domains

Solved:website coming soon error in blogger-GoDaddy Bigrock domainsWhat is website coming soon error ?                          Guys this problem comes because there is a problem in the setting of DNS management (Godaddy bigrock or other domain provider's).It occurs with all type of host provider eg, blogger ,wordpress

How to solve Website coming soon error?
                       To solve that you just follow that steps:

1. If you are a user, then just just watch that image below.

There are two CNAME records are shown

2. Just open another tab and visit the DNS management menu on the domain provider website eg GoDaddy, Bigrock

3 there you will see the complete CNAME and A records.

4. There you must remember that there are three main reasons for website coming soon error

 There are two CNAME records with WWWIf there is only a single www CNAME record,  then check that www may be written mistakes eg WWWW In CNAME record the point name is written properly as shown on the host site…