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How to find custom roms for android smartphone in 2 minutes using these apps

Custom Roms                            custom Roms are also called AOSP roms which means android open source platform. roms are  provided by your smartphones official website. if you want to change your os you can find many custom roms on google . but the main problem is that its not secure and it can distroy warranty of your smartphone .guys thats all at your own risk..  APPS WHICH WILL HELP AND PROVIDE CUSTOM ROMS -                                                                                                                    In this article i am giving details about 2 apps which i think more secure and support finder for your smartphone so they are given down .
1.ROM MANAGER                                        ROM MANAGER  is a android app ,which will identify suitable rom for your device.thedownload link is here

2.GOO MANAGER                                       This works same as the rom manager . y…