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Best Play Store Alternative to publish apps without paying 25$
                Now the days every one wants to become a share holder of android and iOS market , every one trying by watching and reading articles on Google ,to create and publish android and iOS apps , but we all should know that ro earn from play store we need 2 things.

             1. Knowledge of android studio(coding) .                2 . Publish the app on Google play store               3 google android developer member (25$ is needed to become a member)

So friends that all was the problem, and if you want to make android app free and easier and also want to upload to play store ,then a super option is here , so friends I am going to introduce the biggest company's project,amazon app store.

       There is 2 easier ways to create and publish apps
    1.create app is easy with best online websitesp Appsgiyernd tgunkable app
    2 . Amazon app store

AmazOn app store is also a best play store after google pla…