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How to check free website speed & responsive test for seo optimization

How to free check the website speed &       responsive test for  seo optimization.

What is Speed and responsive test of website or BlogSpeed & test of website is not a must thing for all, but when you are ready to come at the world of online earning then it's matter because after submit application for adsense approval for website. Google Adsense checks you website speed and many things for your blog and in this run of online earning you must check your website speed & responsive test .Google has also suggested for that on his office adsense website. 
Effect of speed & responsive time on blog/websiteIt always matter because 70% visitor loss on your website's views is because of the site speed and responsive of the website. If your website has a unresponsive theme and take more time to load.
How to check web/blog speed & responsive testTo check website speed & responsive time you just need to visit 👇that website link given below. You just nee…