WhatsApp in blogger process

Hi friends in this article we will know that how to create WhatsApp share button in blogger friends I am going to give you a script code which is written below you can just copy that code and past in your posts html or post body template.

<a href="whatsapp://send?text=Link pra um artigo ó https://google.com" class="botao-wpp">
  <!-- ícone -->
  <i class="fa fa-whatsapp"></i>

<a class="footerbtn" href="whatsapp://send?text=Touch this blue line enter your name and see magic 👉 Yourwebsite.com"><img width="25px" height="25px" src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IaGscinjmuU/W0SHj05u76I/AAAAAAAABlM/p2_fu034fQsuGMDdOvKUqlZJQl9Gjo9rwCLcBGAs/s1600/wp.png"/><b style="font-size: 15px;"> Click Here to Share on Whatsapp</b> <img width="25px" height="25px" src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-IaGscinjmuU/W0SHj05u76I/AAAAAAAABlM/p2_fu034fQsuGMDdOvKUqlZJQl9Gjo9rwCLcBGAs/s1600/wp.png"/></a></center>

Please change *happy Diwali *Sent a special wish to that what's you want to write
Change the address https://www.yourwebsite.com by your address
Submitting Your Sitemap Directly to Google Blogger Help Center

Submit sitemap to google without visit webmaster tools

What is sitemap ?

   Sitemap is a directory of your website , it shows all urls of your website to Google. It helps Google spider bot to find all the urls which you want to crawl and index.

How to Submit sitemap without visit Google webmaster tools/ console?

we all konw that submit website to Google search  Console by submit sitemap is the option on Google search console but if you want to direct ping your website to google you just follow the steps.

  1.    Open any browser eg chrome

  1.     Just insert this URL

 in address bar (change example.com to you site address ) and press enter. a confirm message will show by Google about sitemps submission done like below image
Sitemap submission confirmation msg

If you still have problems on submitting sitemap just visit Google's official sitemap help forum

Want to get more courage for your website ?

   You just need to Submit your website's sitemap to another  two webmaster tools

Solved:website coming soon error in blogger-GoDaddy Bigrock domains

What is website coming soon error ?

                          Guys this problem comes because there is a problem in the setting of DNS management (Godaddy bigrock or other domain provider's).It occurs with all type of host provider eg, blogger ,wordpress

How to solve Website coming soon error?
                       To solve that you just follow that steps:

1. If you are a blogger.com user, then just just watch that image below.
Blogger DNS management website coming soon
Blogger DNS 

There are two CNAME records are shown

2. Just open another tab and visit the DNS management menu on the domain provider website eg GoDaddy, Bigrock

3 there you will see the complete CNAME and A records.

4. There you must remember that there are three main reasons for website coming soon error
Website coming soon solution
DNS management

  •  There are two CNAME records with WWW
  • If there is only a single www CNAME record,  then check that www may be written mistakes eg WWWW 
  • In CNAME record the point name is written properly as shown on the host site 
Friends correct above this errors and you will definitely solve that problem. Friends if you like that articles then 

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how to check website is on Google seach or not
Check website visibility on Google search

Hello friends
                             Welcome to blog ,we know that you worked hard on your blog ,but many of times we got tention that site is available/visible or not on Google search. guys I will show you a tricks and effects which will help you to know that you are on Google or not so guys I am showing two things you can check that you are on Google or not.


1st Method

                       Friends just type
      Site:www.yoursite.com       on google.com search bar if you are on Google then you will absolutely show on Google searches. That will confirm you that Google have your site in Google's database.

2nd method

Check which URL are on Google search  with index tool
Google webmaster index result
  •   Visit Google webmaster tools 
  •   Go to google index > index status
  • There will show index results eg watch the above image
    Friends the index results shows that how many URLs are on Google search databse

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    top #10 servers to ping your website for increasing web visibility

    servers to ping your website for increasing web visibility
    Top 10 sites to ping website

    List of 10 working ping sites

                                                                    Hello friends we all know that we all search for ping sites where we can we can submit our new blog or articles. friends this is not necessary but that has benefits for guys if you want to add your website to be a more visible on Google search and it helps you like a backlink generator guys if you like to submit your new article to too many of more websites then I am going to suggest you about 10 working ping sites that's all are working . 












    100% free commercial stock images download links no attribution no Credit card needed

    100% free commercial stock images download links no attribution no Credit card needed
    💯% free stock photos

                friends we all know that now the days copyright image problems faces by site owners. so guys if you need to download free image with full access and no any copyright issues guys I will suggest you there 5 websites which are really helpful  to download images on any topics you can edit modify, but You must do a Credit to the Photo owner so guys so guys I am going to writing the five websites which will help you.

                     pixel have photos on any topics you can download photos on different topics and you can also edit it as you want it there is a pro if it you can use the photos as commercial use edit everything you want to come with them.
                                 shutterstock is also a best website but you must be read any websites privacy before use the photos and guys if you want to download photos any size and topic that is the best platform you must visit that. If you want to download photos, photos will with Shutterstock logo.
                              Boom Boom Boom it will really help download pictures as easy as not anywhere so guys bisit the link and start download pictures..
    4. Pxhere
                       Pxhere is also a good choice but you may registered at that with Facebook or create a new ID on pxhere. you can download image but you must login it is also a best alternative of pexels.
    5.iso republic
                               it's also a amazing website you can download image in any quality and any topics eg, animal Technology love and others.


    Please feel free to share and comment

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    How to Create colourful title text on websites eg blogger and wordpress

                    Writing text in a colourful form is simple and easy you just nee some coding ,friends don't get worride I will tell a online method which will create colourful title for blogs post.friends just follow that steps.

    Create colour full text in website or bloggers post
    Create colourful text in bloggers post

    • Now just type the character on website given place and select the colour, i use rainbow colour.
    • And click generate coLour faded text
    • Friends that all done you just need tp copy the html codes and you just need to past on your posts html
    • After save post you will watch texts in colourfull in blogger.